Bravery Isn’t Learnt In Front of the Telly.

Beautiful Ad for OMO detergent.

I remember when I was young & fearless, hopping on my bike and pedaling down the neighborhood streets of Miami.

Those were wonderful times, memorable…Unwittingly showing yourself how much grit you have. Can I jump off this ramp? Can I do a 180 skid? What will it feel like riding into that bush?

This image captures those explorative moments. And especially vibes well with parents as they know they’ll need a strong laundry detergent to get rid of their children’s mess when they go out and explore the world and themselves.

BTW…WTF were my parents thinking letting me ride bike in Miami! But this is now my new challenge: letting my littles ones brave this new world of theirs on their own and trying not to be a helicopter parent ?.