If you are asking search engines about redesigning your website, then you probably need to redo your website. Your gut speaks volumes – listen to it.

Chances are that your website is not conveying the appropriate business message you want, and, most likely, your website is outdated. These are general reasons why people tend to revamp their website. Let’s take a closer look to see if your website really needs to be redesigned.

Website Needs A Redesign

If you see that your website fits into any of the below descriptions, then please redesign your site.

Non-responsive (Only Meant to be Seen on Desktops)

Today (for 2018 and beyond), websites need to be responsive. Your website needs to adapt to multiple screens. Why? Because that is where your customer is, viewing your website on a tablet, mobile phone, desktop, PS4…(I can go on).

By having a responsive site, your message will be easily conveyed to your potential customer. Your business will look contemporary (who likes to do business with a company not following today’s trends). A modern website gives your customer confidence to do business with you.

Static Pages

If you are not utilizing websites latest innovations, you are likely missing out on opportunities.


CMS (content management system) is software that makes creating, editing, updating websites manageable. Websites that do not have CMS are bound to always need a web developer; the only way to edit these sites are by changing code manually (which will be expensive and timely).


Your static website was probably done before 2010, which why it looks like it belongs in that time – update site to look relevant.

No Email Form Integrated

Your current website only has a contact form or email. You don’t have a form to receive emails from customers wanting your newsletter – leads are vital for businesses wanting to succeed! Create a site that can integrate popular Email Marketing companies like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc..

No Social Media Connection

Your old website cannot connect to social media channels – if you cannot distribute content to Facebook or Twitter through your website, please upgrade your website. Websites now use the power of API (application program interface) to connect to third-party applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Calendar, Email services, etc.

No Blog

Frequent content published on your website is a great way to spread the message of who and what your company does. This is also a great way to optimize your website to rank better on search engines – meaning if you have no way to publish content then customers will not likely find you when they search online looking for a company like yours.

I can go on…but I’m guessing you understand the problem with websites that probably were built on dreamweaver (dreamweaver is an old software to design really archaic website pages).

Redesigning your website will help the image of your business, and give your business a winning chance to be visible online.