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MISSION: Elevating Small Businesses’ Online Presence & Authority.

The mission of gravityGone is to elevate small businesses’ online presence & authority. We offer Web Dev & Design, SEO & Marketing Automation services to achieve your goals. gravityGone creates, maintains, and manages websites, launches successful digital marketing campaigns, converts customers with enticing email funnels, and uses SEO strategies to improve your search engine ranking and online authority.

I (Mike) specialize in most things digital 🙂

Drive traffic, convert customers, and establish authority within your industry.

About Mike⬇
Thanks for stopping by and learning more about this humble developer.

Born and raised in Miami, Fl. just about the same time the first test-tube baby was born (and no I wasn’t it; was actually her). I was schooled in the fine arts of riding my bike on busy streets and growing up with delicious Cuban food.

I consider myself a family-oriented person who takes pleasure in exercising, going on motorcycle rides, and setting and exceeding personal goals in both my personal and professional life.

Skilled in

  • Bachelors in English Lit < something very important for SEO specialists / content creators.
  • Proficient in CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript / JQuery.
  • CMS proficient in: WordPress, Shopify, WIX
  • Automation tools: Zapier, Make.com
  • Work with email marketing services like: Constant Contact, MailChimp, Omnisend, ConvertKit and many more.
  • Proficient in Google Ads
  • Photoshop design

I possess a unique set of skills that enable me to stand out among web designers and SEO experts. This is not to boast, but rather to inform you that I seldom hire external developers or specialists, resulting in reduced expenses and, consequently, more affordable service rates compared to other web design and SEO firms.

At your service!

Mike Finocchiaro