the guy behind GRAVITYGONE.

Thanks for stopping by and learning more about this humble developer.

Born and raised in Miami, Fl. just about the same time the first test-tube baby was born (and no I wasn’t it; was actually her). I was schooled in the fine arts of riding my bike on busy streets and growing up with delicious Cuban food.

Miami was a fun place to grow up and get in trouble, which happened almost every weekend as I went through my rebellious stage and found out that girls are AWEEESOME!!

Anyway, I managed to finish high-school and go on to college. Studied English literature — which somehow, somewhat gets incorporated into my current work life (coding is a language in itself so one has to learn how to create poetry with the tools one was learned). This is the far-stretched truth I tell my mom – she just rolls her eyes.

I began coding about six years after graduating college in 2004. There was a bit of a learning curve, but I can safely say I have a master-tight grip on SEO, online & social media marketing campaigns, and learned that implementing best practices is key to building websites. I’m knowledgeable in PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

My passion is to deliver a final product that mirrors a company’s or individual’s goals, vision and story.

I have been blessed with three little monsters (kids) that mean the world to me (my children were the main reason why I moved from city-life to small-town living in northern Florida).

On another personal note, I have fought & kicked the f*** out of Hodgkin Lymphoma. After a six month battle of chemo and radiation I am currently cancer free, and I owe all this to my family and friends that have supported me, as well as Shands hospital and Hope Lodge, which contributed in helping me beat the disease.

If you do decide on hiring me to construct your site and/or marketing plan, please note: I am a meticulous worker and I do not do half-ass jobs.

Thanks for reading!

Mike Finocchiaro