built website digital marketing for keystone heights

Company wanted an extensive digital media campaign, encompassing SEO, E-mail blasts, access for users to publish online, social media marketing campaigns, & lead generation (store & distribute leads to advertisers).

  • Site is running on WordPress platform.
  • Magazine’s advertisers are able to publish daily products.
  • Each product published gets funneled to social media channels & then gets queued to RSS e-mail campaign that is sent to their 30k subscriber database list.
  • Subscribers are generated from online forms, which readers enlist their emails to receive newsletter.
  • Site is SEO optimized (reaches over 1,000 daily readers).
  • Automated workflows were set-up to handle incoming and outgoing lead distribution.
  • Created, automated & improved social media reach.
  • Launched & strategized online & social media paid ads & remarketing schema.


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