Some brands don’t need to be explicit when marketing their product, they don’t even need to show the product in an ad (well, at least once, for a second). Their goal is to produce a feeling, an emotional take-away – to make the consumer react and connect. The emotional take-away is probably the most effective and memorable conversion factor in marketing.

By tugging at a consumer’s feeling is where a deeper impression is made. A connection that creates loyal buyers.

Harry’s, known for it’s razors, took the opportunity with this video to capture fathers, sons (future shavers) and most likely women’s (mothers/wives) attention in this sentimental video of what it is like being a man.

Men shave. Men are masculine, strong, know-it-all, confident…etc. etc. That’s what men are supposed to be, but like the advertisement says “the truth is, there’s no way to be a man.”

Simply, men are humans that tend to act differently from the opposite sex; because there is some innate need too – call it masculine or bravado. Men need to fit a criteria, as the boy explains (shows) to the alien what men are like.  Though in the end, the boy realizes there really is no difference (aside the physicality and bravado) in being a man or becoming into one…a boy will simply grow into a man and learn from the people surrounding him how to be a good man.

Though, in this tale the boy may eventually get to learn from his father how to be a man instead of his imaginary alien buddy. He just has to wait a pretty long time till his dad gets back from space – pick up some doughnuts on the way down, dad!