Nowadays, web designers are across the globe. Typing away on foreign language based keyboards, in different time-zones, reachable only by email. While hiring web designers thousands of miles away from you is not a big deal, it just leaves a void of familiarity. Who doesn’t like to meet the person that will translate a company’s vision, your vision, into a digital format?

 Hire Local, especially web designers – they bring you espressos

Most of my clients have visited my home – this is where I work. I invite them over so we can meet face-to-face or I visit them, but usually clients want to come over and see what I’m about.

When they visit, I or my wife offers food or something to drink. One popular beverage is my wife’s espresso, she serves them fresh and Cuban (just like her, especially the fresh part). And a few times I’ve been asked to bring some with me the next time I visit a client’s office/store, and I have. While this doesn’t say anything about my web designing skills or abilities, it does say volumes about being accessible.

Local also means your website developer has something in common with you – your surroundings.

Sharing common ground with someone you’re hiring is an invaluable resource. A skilled web designer will take what they know about you, your business and where you live, and blend it into a beautiful digital medium.

Hiring local is also good for the community.

You’ve probably seen “Buy Local” pretty much on every handwritten street sign, online meme or heard the phrase like a mantra over the radio. Buy local means you’re helping those that live in your vicinity a chance to help their families and neighbors; that money you spend on them will be spent on something local. It comes full circle.

A web designers’ vicinity is a factor you mustn’t discount when it comes to building your online presence. Plus, it’s also a good idea to hire a web designer that is well-traveled, because that web-slinger will have a certain rapport with you.

I’m fortunate to be well-traveled, local, and…wait for it…a web designer!

I’m based in the North Central Florida area. Will visit Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, Middleburg, Palatka; basically a 60 mile radius of Keystone Heights to discuss your website project.

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