WordPress is a popular CMS for creating and managing sites. It has a maintenance mode feature allowing temporary website shutdowns for maintenance. Maintenance mode errors can occur, frustrating and disrupting website owners. We’ll explain how they occur, how to fix and prevent them, customize maintenance mode error pages, and what to do if your website remains broken after maintenance mode.

Please show me how to fix Maintenance Mode error now.

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How Maintenance Mode Errors Occur

Maintenance mode errors have various causes, including improper disabling of the feature after maintenance, which leaves the website stuck in maintenance mode, and outdated/malfunctioning maintenance mode plugin resulting in unexpected errors. Now, let’s move on to the solutions.

How to Fix WordPress Maintenance Mode Errors

Easy fix: you need to delete the .maintenance file from your WordPress website directory. While this is an easy fix, few don’t know how to navigate to the file directories of their WordPress website.

How To Enter To See WordPress File Directories

What you’ll need: access to your directory either via FTP, SFTP, SSH, or Cpanel.

SSH is the most complicated of them all as it requires knowledge of a terminal portal and how to SSH into each directory, and we won’t go over this method in this article.

All hosting providers give their customers access to the directories in either the way of FTP, SFTP, Cpanel or hosting provider’s File Manager dashboard.


FTP & SFTP require Host Address, Port, Username and Password. The FTP & SFTP credentials can be created, or already created, with your hosting provider. Then, you’ll need a software like FileZilla or Putty to enter the directory.

Hosting File Manager Dashboard

Usually this will be under your website dashboard, look for File Manager.


WPX File Manager

SiteGround’s File Manager


You’ll need to locate the CPanel in your hosting provider’s website, and then navigate to File Manager.


Cpanel file manager

Delete the Maintenance File.

  1. Once you’re enter the root directory, locate public_html file and enter it.
  2. Locate the .maintenance file and delete it.
  3. And, that’s it. Your website will no longer be in Maintenance mode.

What is WordPress Maintenance Mode?

Website owners use WordPress maintenance mode to temporarily take the site offline for maintenance. When enabled, visitors see a custom message indicating unavailability. This feature prevents access to incomplete or broken content during updates or maintenance activities.

How to Prevent WordPress Maintenance Mode Errors

To maintain a stable WordPress website, prevent maintenance mode errors by updating and ensuring compatibility of the maintenance mode plugin with the WordPress version. Properly disabling maintenance mode after completing maintenance activities is also crucial.

Customizing WordPress Maintenance Mode Error Pages

Customizing WordPress maintenance mode error pages can enhance visitors’ experience by providing more information and making the page visually appealing. WordPress offers several plugins, including WP Maintenance Mode and Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, that enable website owners to customize their maintenance mode page by adding custom text, images, and styling.

What to Do if Maintenance Mode is Over but Your Website is Still Broken

If website issues persist after maintenance mode, check for underlying problems, disable plugins or themes, and seek professional help if needed. WordPress maintenance mode errors can cause frustration, but understanding and fixing them are crucial for website stability. Customizing maintenance mode pages and updating the plugin can also prevent errors and improve the user experience.

WordPress maintenance mode is useful, but errors can occur, causing frustration. Understanding and fixing errors is crucial for website stability. Customizing maintenance mode and updating the plugin prevent errors and improve user experience.

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