A few fun projects.

Building On A Junket website, content curator

On A Junket

On A Junket was founded in 2004. Was revamped numerous times, always evolving to target and entertain curious travelers with stories and images. Site is optimized for specific keywords like: Funny Travel Stories, Africa Travel Stories, Asia Travel Stories, etc. Site receives over 500 daily visits via organic searches.

  • Site is running on WordPress platform.
  • Curated content & Optimized landing pages.
  • Sought travel partners to sponsor site.
  • Distribute content over social and travel-related platforms.
  • Perform automated multi-varied lead generation workflows.
  • Created travel content to generate traffic for particular events.
  • Created logo.
website example, seo, google ads

Alliance Permitting

Since 2005 Alliance Permitting has done permitting for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Franchises, Developers and Homeowners. Based in Florida, they’ve worked with national chains opening new locations to individual homeowners extending their home; Alliance is here to make the permit processing experience a breeze and let your staff focus on business.

  • Site development
  • SEO
  • Google AD Campaign
  • Web Scrapper Automation
web marketing automation, example of websites built

Visible Vibrations

Otto Zielke, a passionate music fan and memorabilia collector, began his journey with an Allman Brothers Band poster in the 80s, leading to the creation of Visible Vibrations. Visible Vibrations is a renowned online store with one of the largest collections of concert posters and music industry collectibles, often described as the most significant privately held music memorabilia collection. Otto ensures authenticity by sourcing directly from industry insiders.

  • Website build
  • Email creation & automation
  • Connected multiple online sale platforms to website
  • SEO
  • Graphic content curation 

  • Build product management workflows

Comprar Magazine

Comprar Magazine stands as the unparalleled digital advertising platform initially rooted in print nearly four decades ago in Miami. Transitioning gracefully from a local buyer’s guide to an all-encompassing digital powerhouse, it now boasts a vibrant digital magazine, dynamic email blasts, timely WhatsApp Broadcasts, and a robust web platform to seamlessly connect with buyers.

  • Site development
  • SEO
  • Google AD Campaign
  • Email automation & marketing
  • Lead Generation Workflow
  • Automate numerous workflows for advertisers


  • Website build